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Good coaching is important as you progress because so many technical aspects of surfing are very counter intuitive. So, why not expect as much from a professional surf coach as you would from a coach in other more main stream sport like golf or tennis? A surf coach should be a skilled teacher, an articulate communicator, not to mention an ocean safety expert.

Getting surf coaching doesn’t mean you’re too serious, it means you’re committed to your passion. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The tricky thing with surfing is that more often than not, the correct thing to do is the exact opposite of what instinct tells you. A simple example… Nose diving on steep takeoffs? Common sense tells you to keep your weight back when paddling and weight on your back foot on the drop. Unfortunately, that’s a sure way to end up as-one with the lip. Instead, you want to do the opposite. Head down, chest pushing into the board and driving down the wave like you’re dropping into a quarter-pipe on a skateboard. This is just one example, but good surfing is littered with counter-intuitive aspects like this.

Surf Coaching Rates

We require a 24 hour notice for all Coaching Sessions

Hours between 9am-1pm - For optimal ocean conditions

Equipment Not Provided: You should have your own surf equipment


1. 1 Hour Coaching 1 Session - $90

2. 1 Hour Coaching 2 Sessions - $170

3. 1 Hour Coaching 4 Sessions - $300

4. 1 Hour Coaching 8 Sessions - $500

Please continue to our contact page to set up a Reservation.

Full Payment is required for all reservations!

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