Why does American Airlines not care for its customers if they have been delayed or cancelled? 

American Airlines Customer Service Department Failing to Compensate Passengers Properly

Why does American airlines not care for its customers if they have been delayed or cancelled? American Airlines Customer service department has really dropped the ball as of 2022 and is failing the grade when it comes to compensating customers that endured American Airlines induced problems. It looks as though the Customer service department is not even looking at what happened to the passengers.

This webpage will give you 2 examples of customer complaints and just how bad American airlines is doing about it. We will give you some helpful hints to make American Airlines accountable for their actions and make them accountable to the US Government if you encounter problems like long delays or cancelled flights.

American Airlines Failure COMPLAINT #1

Now let’s show you the first complaint. American airlines only gave this person (Christopher Williams) $125.00. That money does not even cover anything he had to pay out of his pocket just to make it to his own mom’s funeral. This is 100% real. And this is his email response back to American Airlines customer relations department after they sent him a $125 fight credit.


That trip credit is junk and is not what the DOT and Law requires. Did you not see the expense American Airlines made me pay for myself based on your Pilot crew missing work, It was a hotel, food and transportation to a different airport. A messily $125 credit does not even cover the hotel expense. This is a joke and will warrant another complaint to the DOT if not addressed properly in the next 7 days.

Here is the original complaint. PLEASE TAKE NOTE Since it is over 30 days now.

It has been since June 23rd and nothing about the below issue has been even approached by American airlines. Sooo Sad!!!!. I have put in a complaint with the DOT now because of this issue.

I was on flight 651 PHX to MIA then to MBJ June 23, 2022, record locator LXQLKW for my mother’s funeral and the flight canceled from PHX to MIA due to they could not find a First officer. American airlines Left me without everything. No hotel, No Meal, no compensation and said it would be up to 2 days before I could get to MBJ airport missing my own mother’s funeral in the process. Per airline passenger bill of rights American airlines needs to compensate and reimburse me for the canceled and all the expenses which they have not done due to crew issues. I was never given hotel accommodations and they need to compensate for that since I had to get it myself and reimbursement on ticket if not at destination per a certain amount of time which is also required by law. No Meal vouchers to eat either which was also not given and had to pay for. I asked also to be ruled 120.20 and the agents refused even though there was room on an united airlines flight for me at that time. I did finally get to my destination after they sent me to Kingston airport instead and then I had to find ground transportation to MBJ airport myself which is 2 hours away. just wanted to please be compensated and reimbursed based on the rule of law and air carriers own written policies.

Christopher Williams

Make this right. and not with 100 buck that covers nothing indicated in the complaint

Christopher Williams


That is pretty bad that American Airlines finds it only worth $125 in compensation. Just a hotel cost alone a night is more than that credit. Then you have food that is $20 and followed by ground transportation from Kingston Jamaica to Montego Bay Jamaica which is a 2-hour drive. That alone is probably $200 for a uber or taxi. Then not only you should add on the stress level to missing his own mom’s funeral. The minimum compensation should have been $700.00 to $1000 in a flight credit. The DOT complaint Case Number: DD2022060592 has been since June and they only have 60 days to comply and nothing has been done to reimburse for the Hotel, Meals and Ground transportation from KIN airport to MBJ airport. Follow the rule of Law regarding compensation American Airlines.

American Airlines Failure COMPLAINT #2

Now let’s show you the next customer complaint and this has a photo of just how long the flight was delayed. Let us also tell you that this is a Gold Elite member travelling with his family on American Airlines as well. This just shows all just how American Airlines just doesn’t care about its loyal customers either. This is complaint has yet to have even been compensated except for automatic miles American airlines give for any delay.


all 5 of us in this recorded PNR - LPLZWW - were delayed Total Travel Time shows 26hrs 17min all for a 2 1/2-hour original flight MCI to PHX. Flight 2005 original departure was scheduled 8am July 29th and finally arrived at 10 pm at night July 30th 26hrs 17min total delay all due to the crew time issues on its arrival to Kansas City the night before. – See image below as proof for American airlines own system this was a nightmare long delay. It started out as a Delay for a day then Diversion because of weather to Las Vegas and held hostage on board the plane. They refused to let any passengers off since they could not open the light back up. So ultimately, we misconnected to our SNA(orange county) Flight which was the last flight of the night. That is 1 flight. Not to mention we had to get a hotel in Phoenix due the misconnect since our connection was last flight out of Phoenix and fly out the following day. This Warrants a DOT Complaint if not handled properly.

Scott Halley and Family


This family has gotten nothing so far. Yes, a big fat $0.00 for a gold elite member and each person in this family. American Airlines displaced a family of 5 and all should be compensated the same amount.

Let break this down for you. 26-hour delay what is up with that first of all. So, no hotel for the first part when they had a crew issue in Kanas City. Crew is required 8 hours rest so that warrants a hotel stay for a party of 5 so probably 2 rooms at $150x2=$300. Then food/meal at $20-$30 just because of the length of this delay. Then you would think for a 26 hour delay they should get minimum $500. People get over $1000 trip credits for just volunteering for a flight. This family did not voluntarily give up a seat to go on a different flight they were forced to wait. We do understand the weather issue of a delay, but this would not have happened if the flight was on-time, so you need to compensate for the diversion too. Along with being forced to stay on the flight. They informed crew they wanted off to get a car rental and drive from Las Vegas to Orange County however they were not given the opportunity to even get off the plane. American Airlines held them hostage! We get why they would what to rent a car and drive the 4 hours home when you already know you will be staying the night in phoenix. That brings us to the next issue, should they be compensated for the hotel and misconnection in phoenix due to the weather issue. My response is yes since you go off the cause of the first delay. So that means 2 rooms at $150x2=$300 again and more compensation for another delay. In total this family should see any were from a $1000 to $1500 in compensation per person based on the rules. That has yet to be, since nothing has been done for this gold elite member and his family yet as of right now, they have been given nothing $0.00.

Conclusion: Things you can do to make sure you are treated fairly from all the airlines.

As you can see from the 2 scenarios, American airlines looks to not care for anyone that they displace when it comes to compensation not even their loyal frequent flyers. Please remember that is just 2 scenarios and there are thousands more like this. This is a good reason why many others are now not wanting to fly on American Airlines again if this is how their customer relations department treats it loyal customers and regular customers for delays and cancelations. We will update this page when we get word from Christopher Williams and the Halley Family if they give them the proper compensation. We are in constant communication with them until this is resolved properly. 

What you need to do if you are in this issue one day and want to let the company really know how you feel read below and take action.

IT IS CALLED THE DOT (Department of Transportation) This is what makes all airlines accountable for their failure to compensate travelers and it is also a regulation body for the airline industry as a whole. American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jetblue,

Southwest and any other United States owned airline are all subject to regulations and this is the most powerful along with the FAA.

THE D.O.T (Department of Transportation) you can make a complaint on there website and the airline must respond to you and back to the DOT with a conclusion within 60 days of the dot complaint being sent to the airlines. This also is how airlines are measured up against one another. The fewer customer complaints the more bragging rights a company has for advertising purposes. So, if enough people complain to the DOT (department of transportation) it will kill them on the financial side too. You can just search for “DOT airline complaint form” and it will come right up. Just fill that out and make the airline you have a problem with do the right thing based on the Law and Passenger bill of rights that passed in congress years ago.

Hope this helps you in your future air travel compensation knowledge. Below is the updates on both scenarios if any have happened so far by American Airlines stepping up .

Christopher Williams so far - original got $125 trip credit and no reimbursement for actual expense. $0.00 

Scott Halley and Family so far -  no reimbursement for actual expense nothing $0.00